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Videos are a huge thing now everywhere for everything on YouTube, Facebook, websites, etc. Social media digital marketing for personal use in small business, and large business instructional videos, internet marketing and much more. Videos are always used in HR departments to show everything from how to apply for a job to instructional videos on how to do a job. Power point presentations also need to be voiced by a professional voice talent, then matched with the voice and, in some cases, rendered to a final HD video. I do hundreds of voice matched to video projects. Those shown on this page are just a few demos. These projects are usually done in 24 hours. All that is needed is a final script, a video, or power point presentation, and I can make it all into a high-end HD video ready for any showing. Just use the contact link on the top of the site, contact me for a FREE No-Obligation consultation to answer any questions you may have, and I can get you a custom quote to get it done.

voice for internet software

Voice over for Power Point

Business Whiteboard projects

Strata Solar

Lose Weight

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ERC Whiteboard video

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Above Industry Standards Studio




The studio was built to above-industry specs.

I am very picky about the product I put out and

wanted to make sure I have the best equipment to do so:
Neumann TLM107 microphone.
ProTools 12 editing software.
JBL Professional Studio monitors.

Engineer designed sound proofing.
This is not meant to boar you, but to emphasize that when I do a project for you, it is being done on the best equipment and delivered to you sounding above and beyond expectation.


The lava lamp really does nothing for the read,

or the sound, but it sure looks cool!





I have used many microphones in my career,

but settled on the Neumann TR107.

The warmth and smoothness it provides is awesome.

Yes, some will tell you that all microphones are the same, it is the

person using them that makes the difference. But it is

like a fine wine, or a fine car--until you actually try one, 

you're not aware of what you're really missing. Again, this

goes back to what I said about me being picky about the

final product. And since the final product here is a 

voice over, I want it to sound crisp, clear, yet smooth

and real to life.   Doesn't that make your mouth water?


Neumann TR107

microphone of choice



Yes, I do have specific rates for the different reads and lengths. 

But I have found that every read is different, no one project or budget is the same as the next.

I offer a NO-OBLIGATION, FREE Consultation for every project.  This gives us a chance to talk out what needs to be done, all the details included. And most important it gives you a chance to ask any questions you have.

If this is your first time having a voice over talent do a project for you, or if this is your 50th time, there is never any dumb questions, and I want you to be able to get the answers you need to make the decision to have me do your project.

And yes, I did say talk about the project on the phone, voice to voice.

I value your time as much as I value mine, and feel like if the project is discussed in full first, it leads to an awesome outcome. When we are done with all the Q&A, then we go over the cost to get it done. Every project is affordable, no matter if you're a one-person show 

or a large corporation, I Guarantee it!

Use the contact button on the top of the site, and we will set up a time. I usually respond to all calls, emails, or texts within 1 to 2 hours or less.

Mark Male Voiceover Demos / Andrea Female demos

  • Les Olsen Company Demo

  • Allstate

  • Bank Of America


  • 5 Hour Energy

  • Health Mart

  • National Auto Shield

  • Kickerillo

  • UPS Store

  • Brother P Touch Labels

  • Low Back Pain Tutorial

  • Volkswagon Keyring